15 Days To A Healthier You

My oldest daughter is 8. She is at the stage where she tries to copy every step I make and I realized that whatever I do now it will strongly reflect on who she will grow up, what habits will she have. Because let’s admit, words don’t matter, actions DO.

Telling her about how eating healthy is important, how having a good morning routine is essential to a fulfilling life, how reading books can actually be very adventurous and how forgiving others will make you happier won’t make a difference.

I have to take action.


Establish routines 

Establish your morning and evening routines. I can’t stress enough how important they are. The reason I can keep up with this blog, the videos and actually a successful online business is because of these routines. I worked hard this year to perfect them by tweaking details many times to fit my lifestyle of a mom with 3 kids.

My Revolutionary Morning Routine. 

My Evening Routine that is giving me extra ME time every night. 

Drink water

I was one of those who doesn’t really like water nor get thirsty. If I intentionally didn’t remind myself to drink water I would probably not drink water for days. Last year I started drinking water with essential oils in it and I LOVE IT.

My 3-oil-super-delicious-water recipe:

(For 2 liter pitcher):

1 drop of grapefruit essential oil

1 drop of lemon essential oil

1 drop of orange

This helps my metabolism, boosts my immune system and gives me extra energy.

Take reading challenge

I haven’t been very consistent and intentional with reading this past year.

I am taking a reading challenge, where I will commit to reading at least 1 book a month.

Again, I believe that my daughter will be inspired and influenced and will start picking up a book to read voluntarily.


Get rid of stuff you don’t use or use very little and DON’T BUY MORE.

When I choose things to get rid of I ask these questions:

  1. When was the last time I used/wore it?
  2. When will I use/wear it again?
  3. Will I miss it if it’s gone?

When I stand in the store and I am holding an item, I ask myself these questions before heading to the register:

  1. Will this item improve my life?
  2. Can I live without it?
  3. If I buy this, how long will I/we use it.

Honestly answering these questions usually keeps me away from buying more stuff.


No Wifi working, no phone calls, no emails, no Facebook messages.


It’s a hard one for me, but I really really need it.

I have tried it already twice last month and it was GREAT, but it was scary to see how addicted I am to checking emails, Facebook notifications, blog real time numbers.


Type open letter once a month to selected person. For no reason.

Here is my list: Mom, Dad, Siblings, Husband, Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, Best childhood friend, Best mom friend, Person that you had an argument with recently,A cousin that you haven’t kept in touch with.

I am so excited about this!

Forgive or Say Sorry 

Staying mad at someone will not take you far. It will only make your life much harder. Forgive. Fast. So it doesn’t eat you inside.

The same is with saying sorry. Don’t wait too long to apologize the person you’ve hurt.

Smile more 

I am going to smile more this year.

I will pick 1 day a week and try to smile entire day. To everyone. My kids, my husband and total stranger at the grocery store. I might get weird looks, but who cares, right.

Watch this short video I made about healthy habits of a mom:



If you are serious about getting healthier and happier this year take the 15-DAY challenge with me and my blogging buddy Crystal Paine.

Hurry, the Challenge starts January 3rd.