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My name is Birute and I am owner/creator of PLAYTIVITIES blog and I am a mom of 3 who can’t sit still. All the blog posts are reflection of our daily life, creations and discoveries. I was born and raised in Lithuania, currently enjoying living and traveling between 3 continents.

8 Unchangeable Facts about me

  1. English is my 3rd language. So pardon, my language. If (or should I say) WHEN you see grammar mistakes or sentences you don’t understand please be soft on me and if it really bothers you, let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  2. I love to stay up late and make something from scratch that normal people usually buy it in the store. Like the toilet paper roll truck for my son or homemade lollipops.
  3. As my husband would say: “obsessed with trash”.  When passing through a shoe store I would look for empty shoe boxes laying around and not even look at the shoes on the shelves at all.
  4. Used to hate mornings. Actually used to cry (with wet and real tears) when had to get up in the morning. Until I changed something about my life which made me happier stay and work at home mom. Read my morning routine tips for moms and revolutionary morning hack for kids. 
  5. Recently I stopped my passionate love affair with TV. I dragged my family along with this lifetime (hopefully) change as we put that talking box on the curb. “Lucky” people who drove my our house that day.
  6. Want to know where I get my ideas for new crafts and fun activities? Shower. Yes, my creativity is thriving in a hot shower. Is there such a thing as Shower iPad?
  7. This one should have been “numero uno”. Even if it might look in some of my blog posts that I am the best mother on earth because I do those activities and crafts with my kids. Well, I am not. I am not that perfect at all.


  8. Did I say 8? Oh. You see? I told you I am not perfect.

4 changeable things about my blog

  1. Playtivities is my hobby. I put a lot of hours into it and sometimes I steal this time from my bored kids and not entertained husband.
  2. Playtivities is a perfect combination of my creative juice (that I don’t know how, when and why do I have it), strong desire to provide a fun childhood to my children by creating and coming up with different activities and crafts and of course a determination to teach and educate my little ones in a fun and easy way.
  3. Playtivities is about activities and crafts for kids:

4. Thanks to  my blog and my dear readers and followers I am able to contribute to our family’s income. My online business is getting bigger day by day and I could not be more excited about that. This is like a dream come true. I earn from the ads that you see on the blog, affiliate programs, contributing to other blogs and I am very excited to start earning from Young Living Essential Oils.

4.  Playtivities is my second online baby. The firstborn is about Attachment Parenting and it’s called AttachFromScratch.

5. I am a proud contributor to Kids Activities Blog and Make and Takes.

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