DIY Backyard Ideas For Kids

If you have been looking how to increase the time your kids spend outdoors you better make your outdoor play-area awesome with these backyard ideas for kids. It doesn’t mean that you have to go and spend thousands of dollars purchasing expensive playground equipment. Most of the times something really simple creates a lot of fun and excitement for the kids.

backyard ideas for kids

If you have an empty outside wall on your house or garage you could easily DIY backyard climbing wall. How cool is that! Impatiently crafty

How about making a sandpit your kids will never want to leave?

Construct a little different backyard ball run on your fence in the backyard.  learning through the clutter

Every child would love to build with these giant reclaimed wooden blocks. They are so easy to make.filthwizardry



Do your kids (or you) love playing bowling? This could be perfect DIY even for a small backyard, because you can build it right by the fence. One Crazy House 

backyard ideas for kids

Reuse old tires for a fun playground. I love it because it has multiple play areas so few kids can play there. source

Make set of scales re purposing things you already have at home. A lot of learning through play could be involved. picture source 

Make  a chalkboard easel from old ladder for the little artists. Being it in your backyard you don’t have to worry about the mess they will make. source

Make chalkboard board on the fence in your backyard. Find tutorial at  project denneler

backyard ideas reporpose

Spend about $10 and have playhouse just like new by repainting. What a smart idea!   indulgy

Make sandbox from an old cabinet. It’s a perfect small backyard idea.  the homes i have made

playhouse under the deck

Another great small backyard idea: make a playhouse under the deck. Genius! activebuildingsolutions

diy backyard ideas for kids

DIY climbing wall for toddlers, because they love to climb too. matt wilder climbing

Learn how to build your own zip-line and your kids will never leave your backyard.  how does she

And if you aren’t up for making your own zip-line you can always buy one on Amazon.

If you have a tree in your backyard rope ladder is a good backyard idea for kids.

Be traditional and build tire see saw. built by kids


Backyard tight rope is such a simple backyard addition but it could add hours and hours of fun and active play for the kids. Kids Activities Blog

Make oool noodle abacus. So many ways to play with it. happy hooligans

backyard playground

Make a cozy seating area outside for kids from pallets. For some yummy summer snacks and reading time.  woodenpalletfurniture

If you would make a DIY outdoor movie screen kids will think you are the coolest parent ever! Imagine the movie night you could all enjoy as a family! running-w-scissors

Decorate your backyard with some gorgeous toad stools. lets go fly a kite up to the highest height

More Backyard Ideas For Kids

projects with pallets

diy sandbox ideas

diy swings

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