My Before Bed Routine

8 pm was usually when my “day” would start. I was busy all day trying to manage the kids, the house, the errands, yet I was still left with more work to be done after the kids went to bed. I had to work on my online business, not to mention clean the kitchen, living room, start the laundry, fold laundry, call mom and so many more things (and I have husband who helps out a lot).

Some days I used to just collapse in bed together with the kids and wake up in the middle of the night to finish some due dates.

But things have changed recently. NIGHT TIME ROUTINE FOR MOMS

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A great morning starts the night before

Last year I wrote about my morning routine which has changed the quality of my life (this post is one of my most popular posts on the blog, so I am hoping that it did help some moms to have a better morning routine).

It took me a while to realize that a good morning routine depends on how good is your night time routine. So this year I decided I needed to change my night time routine (thanks Clare, your advice has done so much good for me in the last 2 months).

My Night Time Routine 

8 pm – 8.30 pm. Kids are brushing teeth, washing up, changing into pajamas and doing the rest of the their bed time routine while me and my husband are cleaning up downstairs. Him – washing dishes, me picking up things around the living room, starting laundry.

8.30 pm – 9 pm. Husband reads or tells a story to kids while I give a bath to baby, nurse and put her to sleep (it’s not always on the clock, but we try to stick with it as much as we can).

9.00 pm – 9.15. Shower/bath routine for me.

9 pm – 10.30 pm. I start my diffuser with Harmony essential oil (it’s a blend of 17 oils total!) which helps to reduce stress, calms me down and I really love the smell, then I make my favorite tea and turn on Netflix. We have been into The Good Wife, House of Cards, Downtown Abbey lately. However, if I have some important emails or work to be finished I might have my laptop in bed and do little work while I watch the movie. Also I have a journal next to me where I write to do lists and ideas if I come up with any. I make sure to write at least one thing I was grateful today for and what I am looking forward the next day.

10.30 pm. Sleep time. Even if I am not that sleepy, I try to stick to this time, so I can get up early enough in the morning, without loosing any sleep.

I am really looking forward for my night routine every day. I love that I can gradually wine down and have some ME time as well as relaxed time with my husband.

bed time routine 2

What happened since I have a night time routine

While I still have the same amount of hours a day, the same amount of things to do I feel like I am more organised, energized, goal oriented and very productive. I simply do things faster and make better decisions during the day which lead me to more spare time left to work on my business before the night comes, so I don’t have to spend all night long working. I get to watch a movie instead!

So If you think that bed time routine is only for kids – think again, because we, mamas, need one too.

I got inspired to change (or gain) my before bed routine after I took this awesome course How To Make Over Your Evenings. It’s an awesome course that helps you CREATE YOUR OWN morning routine and bed time routine.