Do These 10 Things For Your Daily Routine

It’s no secret that parenthood is hard. It’s very rewarding, but at the same time it’s a lot of work, patience, dedication (and all other things that you didn’t know you had in you before you became a mother).

I am not a perfect mom, but I try every day to ease my life, to make my kids’ lives more fun without me getting all too tired and burned out. To do that – I need to take care of myself a little better.

Honestly, it took me a while to understand this and take some action.

routine for moms daily

Last year I made a resolution to have a better morning routine and so far it was revolutionary for my life and my happiness. So I continued ‘perfecting’ my daily routine that mostly was about me. Yes, it sounds selfish and not very kind, but trust me, it is beneficial for the whole family.

I chose 10 things that make me happy and started doing them every day. They are not big things, like going to a hair salon or having a girls night out. They are really small daily actions you can take to ease your day and feel happier.

I have been doing this for almost 3 months now and I can’t believe how much it has helped me to be a much calmer, more patient and positive person.

Daily routine for moms

1. Dance. I mean – dance like crazy to your favorite tunes. I know it sounds silly and moms don’t do silly (or do they?). Anyway, dance and move however you want. Make it a routine while you are picking up stuff around the house, while you are cooking or even while you are checking on your child’s homework/diaper.

I do a morning “dance off” together with my daughter. This is one of her favorite things that we do together. 20 min.

2. Connect. Send a romantic text or email to your husband/partner. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a simple “thank you for finding me” can go a long way. 2 min.

3. Chat with a friend who ‘gets’ you. 10 min.

4. Give at least 12 hugs or kisses (or both) to your children. No matter how bad the day is. Seconds.

5.  Meditate, pray or just take a deep breath and be with yourself even if it’s 3 minutes a day. No phone, no TV, no kids. 5 minutes.

routine for moms

6. Look at the mirror and tell yourself a compliment. Find something beautiful even if you are wearing yoga pans and a stained shirt.  1 min.

7. Pick at least one treat a day and spoil yourself. Whether it’s a bubble bath or just a fancy cup of coffee with some foam on top in your favorite mug. It will make a difference.

I usually get to do this after kids are asleep as a reward for myself for a good day. 30 minutes

8. Call your mom. Period. If you are a mom, you understand why. 10 min

9. Have something pretty to look at during the day. Personally I love flowers. Especially the blooming ones. I try to have them in every room. Even in the bathroom I have at least some green plants. Every time I pass by I smile inside, even if it’s just for a moment. Seconds

10. Help somebody.  You know that already, but I will tell ya’ again. Being good makes YOU happy. Helping someone actually helps you! So use an opportunity to brighten up somebody’s day. Whether you pay for somebody’s beverage in the coffee shop or you say hi to a stranger. It really does make a difference. seconds

And if you are reading this and shaking your head thinking that you will never be able to do any of those things because well, you’re just busy – rethink and re-evaluate your daily routine and think of what you can eliminate without ‘hurting’ anybody. Do you really have to vacuum the house everyday?  Have you gotten this whole meal planning under control so you can save some time.

My BEST KEPT SECRET is to start your morning right! Honestly, I have never thought that having a good morning routine could change things so drastically. After taking 2 week course “Make over your mornings” I finally managed to have my morning routine that would power up the whole day.

daily routine for moms

How about you? What is your daily routine? Do you find time to take care of yourself?

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