Diaper Prank For Kids

diaper prank peanut butter

This diaper prank is perfect if you have a child who is still using a diaper. Me and my husband were so excited do this prank this year because we just had a baby and older kids are already grossed out (and shocked) by how much the little tiny baby can poop.  It was perfect.

May I just say that we tried this prank on kids on multiple occasions.

Things you will need:

  • Clean diaper
  • Peanut butter (preferably chunky)

Few Essential Tips

  1. To make this prank fool proof make sure your child is really motivated to get out of the room ASAP. We knew that our daughter was expecting her friend and was very excited for her visit. So when my husband called her she didn’t think twice to look down when she opened the door.

2. Put the diaper as close to the door as possible. Make sure it’s right in the middle of the doorway.

3. Make sure your kids isn’t wearing socks or shoes. That’s was our mistake. She was wearing socks which made it gross for her, but once she saw that the peanut butter didn’t stick to the sock she was not bothered by at at all anymore. I think stepping in peanut butter with bear foot is a lot more effective (disgusting) prank.

Here is a video of our 4 pranks for kids we did this year. Enjoy!

Prank your kids and let us know how they react to it!

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