OK. So probably by now everyone on this earth have seen or heard about FACE PIE game. (If you haven’t – I am talking about this one).

This toy isn’t accessible to us at the moment so we decided to make it ourselves. We did some changes and here is our version of Face Pie Game.

face pie game 2


You will need: 

  • empty ice cream container
  • rubber bands
  • pencil
  • plastic spoon
  • screw driver (or something sharp to make a hope in plastic box)
  • Scissors
  • Whipped cream (OF COURSE)

1. Attach pencil and plastic spoon to each other using rubber bands to form “T”.

2. Using screw driver make 2 holes on the sides of ice cream box.

3. Place the pencil and spoon part in the holes of the box.

4. Make the “face place” by cutting out big circle out of ice cream box’s top. Decorate as you wish.

diy pie face game make

The Rules of Pie Face Game (Face Whip) 

There are few ways to play this game.

Let one person put his face in the FACE WHIP station and answer the questions. If the person fails to answer questions correctly the pencil is turned by another person immediately and the face gets a nice and soft whipped cream smash. Take turns! 


The person who has his face in the machine is asked questions and has to answer them in 2 seconds. But he can’t answer with YES or NO. If he does, the supervisor of the game turns the pencil and the whipped cream is flying to the face!

2. Don’t say …….

While the person who has his face in the machine is waiting for the game to begin, the rest of the team secretly picks one the word (or word combination) and writes it down.  They have 3 questions to ask to make the FACE WHIP person use the secret word or word combination.

For example: the secret word is “carrot cake”. So the 3 questions could be: What cake do you know that is made from vegetables? What did I make for dad’s birthday this year?

3. True or false.

This game is perfect when the players are of a similar age. Prepare a questionnaire and let the rest of them ask the questions to the person who is at FACE WHIP. Each player has 3 questions for each round.

face whip 6

 Hope you and your family have a great and happy Thanksgiving!