DIY Giant Bubbles. Super Easy Fail Proof Solution.

You have probably seen the giant bubbles and you have read a recipe or two. Most of the recipes for DIY giant bubbles include up to 5 ingredients, which you probably won’t have at home. There are other DIY giant bubble recipes that require you to wait over night before making any bubbles. We didn’t do any of it, because you know how it is with the kids…. They want it now!

diy giant bubbles

DIY Giant Bubbles

  • Dish soap. We used this brand (affiliate link), but I believe most brands can work well too.
  • Water.
  • Hula Hoop

The Secret

I believe the secret to making perfect DIY giant bubbles is how you pour the soap in the water.

We filled up baby pool with little bit of water. Just enough to cover the hula hoop when it’s inside. Then carefully drizzled around ENTIRE bottle of dish soap into the water. BE GENTLE and don’t make any foam. If you have foam, you won’t be able to make bubbles.  DON’T MIX the solution.

Place your hula hoop in the solution and you are ready to make giant bubbles. No need to wait over night!!

Quick suggestion: place the container with the bubble solution on a non slip surface, so when the kids get in and get out of it they won’t slip and fall (because their feet WILL be very slippery). Trust me, we learned the hard way. 

Here is the video to show you how much fun we had!

Seriously, this recipe for DIY giant bubbles is fail proof. We have made it several times already and it came out very good every time! It’s perfect as a quick playdate activity, for birthday party or excellent boredom buster which will leave your kids playing entire afternoon.

diy giant bubbles solution