Family Christmas Games

It’s that time of the year… when no one (even the grumpy uncle) has an excuse for not playing Family Christmas

It’s the time of the year to reconnect and spend quality time with your loved ones. And what better way to have the BEST CHRISTMAS ever than playing fun, silly Family Christmas games.

10 Family Christmas Games 

1. Aladdin Carpet

You will need: rugs or towels

Set a start and finish points. Get creative with turns and possible obstacles (furniture, different rooms, carpets?)

The goal of the game: players need to race to the finish line while sitting on the rug. First one to do this wins the game.

2. Marble Run

You will need: Cardboard, marbles, spoons.

Bend cardboard and fold the top over so the cardboard is slightly elevated when placed on surface.  Each players needs his own cardboard piece.

The goal of the game: players need to keep marbles on the cardboard surface with the help of a spoon as long as they can. Last to stay with a marble on cardboard wins the game.

*We found that it was pretty hard for kids to compete with 2 marbles, so we just kept 1 for each of them. 

3. Orange Soccer 

You will need: bananas, oranges, rope

Tie one end of the rope to the banana and the other end on the player’s waist (or belt).

The goal of the game: players try to score a goal with bananas hanging down their waist.

4. Faceketball

A fun way to play a new form of basketball in your group! Instead of shooting at real hoop why not shoot at someones face, that sounds like a lot more fun!

You will need: basketball hoops, play pen balls, rope (or a headband)

Cut two holes at the bottom of the basketball hoop and attach the hoop to the head band. You can use a small nut and bolt set or use a zip tie. You will want this to be as secure as possible.

OR you can simply use hot glue gun to attach basketball hoop to the headband and then wear the headband.

The goal of the game: first players to score 10 points wins the round. The players throw balls into each other’s basket hoops at the same time. It’s super fun!


5. Bubble Popper

You will need: bubble wrap (preferably with big bubbles, not popped).

Cut the bubble wrap into pieces and give to the players.

The goal of the game: players have to pop the bubbles. First to pop all of them wins the game. They can pop it with their fingers or jump on it. Whatever works.

6. Orange Parcel

You will need: oranges (or apples), bowls

The goal of the game: players must transfer the parcel (oranges) from point A to point B between their knees. First to transfer all the oranges wins the game.

7. Cookie Builder

You will need: cookies, spoons

The goal of the game: players have to stack the tallest cookie tower on the spoon (which they must hold in their mouth) in 1 minutes without collapsing. The player with the tallest tower after 60 seconds wins the game.

8. Elephant’s Trunk

You will need: slinkies and headbands.

Count five “rings” from one end of the Slinky and hook the headband through that spot. The five rings will be against the player’s forehead holding the spring in place.

The goal of the game: Before the game begins, the player dons the headband with the plastic spring toy attached to it. The players have to start moving his or her body and head around in an attempt to get the spring stacked and resting on his or her forehead. Accomplish this in one minute or less and yay, you’re a winner. As an added bonus, if you take more than 20 seconds or so to win the game, you’ll end up with a lovely round spring pattern on your forehead from the pressure of the headband.

9. Can you handle it

You will need: oranges (or apples)

The goal of the game: to pick up an orange with your team mate and transport it to point B while holding it with your faces.

10. Balloon Tornado

You will need: paper cups, balloons

The goal of the game: to blow all the cups off the table with the air from the balloon. First one to do this wins the game.




Last year we posted our first Christmas Games For Families and it went VIRAL. Almost 4 million people saw the video. CRAZZZZY! Then, we made another one  and it reached hundreds of thousands of people. WE GET IT! You love Family Christmas Games. We do too! We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!