PASS IT ON – A Hilarious Family Drawing Game

We have a new family game for you this week! It’s called PASS IT ON! It’s basically a broken telephone game, only in drawing and in writing. The best part about this game is that every time you play it, the outcomes will be totally different (mostly hilarious) and there is no wrong or right in this game. yearily5

Key factors of this drawing game


  1. The first WRITE part has to be good. Preferably, something that doesn’t make much sense, yet if drawn, it could be easily misunderstood. The game already comes with 50 inspiration cards with words, word combos and sentences.
  2. Whether you draw or write, make sure to be as detailed as you can. When illustrating, draw more than 1 image if needed to illustrate the words above. When describing the picture, write as many words as you can to be as accurate as you can.

Remember, your drawings don’t have to be beautiful. They have to be accurate enough for people to know what you drew.

As I was making the printable for this drawing game I kept saying it “I can’t wait to play this with my family”.  And we did. Here is a short recap of us playing the game for the first time. It ended when my husband kept asking to stop filming because he couldn’t stop laughing.


  • terrible artists (seriously, the worse you are, the funnier the game will be).
  • ages 4-99
  • 4-7 players. If there are more players who want to play this game, divide into groups and make it into a group game where a whole team decides what to draw or what to write.
  • family and friends gatherings who want to share a good laugh together.



  1. Game templates where there are designed spots for you to write and draw. There are also markings to show you where and when to fold. So even the little players won’t get confused when playing the game.
  2. Game rules and instructions. 
  3. 50 inspiration cards with words, word combos and sentences that were well taught of to create the best outcomes of the game.