How To Have An Awesome Family Reunion

This summer I did few things that I don’t normally do: I ironed my kids’ clothes, I wore my fancy earrings and I asked my husband to wear a tie. It’s pretty unusual for our family, but it was so worth it.


family reunion fun

I haven’t visited my homeland in 3 years so the family reunion was much needed.

We didn’t have a lot of time for planning this family event, but here is what we did and thought it turned out a pretty awesome family reunion.

3 Steps To Have a Perfect Family Reunion

1. Make a cool invitation. I used Smilebox to make my invitations. It took me literally 5 minutes to make mine. While I was browsing for the family reunion templates I came across super cool birthday invitations, Christmas cards, very fun template for Sofia’s gymnastic performances and a perfect way to show off our family vacation.

You can browse and then personalize your invitations here. (try it out for free!)

Here is our short invitation:

2. Plan the Entertainment. This one is crucial. The success of the family reunion will depend on it. These family reunion games will break any ice or tension in the family (and we all know there is always some sort of tension in larger family gatherings).


3. Send out Thank You Notes.  The family reunion went amazing. Now, it’s time to say thank you and share the best moments in a fun way. You don’t have to send out gazillion pictures or spend hours on compiling picture slides. Again, I used Smilebox to create my thank you  notes/slide, where I used the most hilarious pictures taken on that day.

Here is short recap of what our thank you video that was sent out to all the family members who participated and to those who missed it (to see how much fun they have missed).

I hope you get to have awesome family reunion soon. Remember, it’s all about making memories, having fun … and… don’t forget – FAMILY WHO PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER! Don’t wait – start planning NOW: 


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