Water Balloon Games. PART 2

super fun water balloon games

We are continuing our summer fun while playing water balloon games.

Did you watch PART 1? Click here to see the first 5 water balloon games we played. They are our favorite ones.


Who doesn’t love a pinata? It’s so much fun especially when water will be splashing out when it pops open.

You will need: rope, swimming noodles (or sticks) and some water balloons.

Instructions: Tie a rope from tree to tree (or wherever you can). Hang the water balloon off the rope. I found the easiest way to hang them was by stretching and pulling the top of the balloon knot and tying it to the rope. We didn’t have any rules for this game except for just letting the kids hit the balloons with the pool noodles. It was quite challenging to burst them with the noodles, but since we had few kids playing at the same time we found that it was the safest way. You can use sticks if only one child is playing at a time.


The more people play this game, the more fun it will be.

You will need: wooden (or regular) spoons and water balloons.

Instructions: Mark start and finish lines. Give each player a spoon and a water balloon on it. The goal of the game is to race fastest to the finish line while holding the spoon with water balloon in it without dropping it. Obviously you can’t touch the balloon with your hands.


This water balloon game is so much fun. Wet bowls, wet pants and a lot of popping.

You will need: bowls and some water balloons or regular balloons filled with water.

Instructions: The goal of the game is to pop a balloon in the bowl with your bum. We chose to use the regular balloons filled with water, because they are harder to pop.


This water balloon game is super fun when played on the grass with a lot of people. Perfect for family reunions.

You will need: rope and water balloons.

Instructions: Tie the balloon to the rope and then to the feet. The goal of the game is to step on other players balloons so they pop. The person left with the un-popped balloon on his foot wins the game.


You will need: music and some water balloons.

Instructions: It’s similar to hot potato game, except this game involves music.

PART 1 Video 

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