Spooky Halloween Games For Kids (and their parents)

Are you getting ready for the Halloween party?

These super fun and a little bit spooky Halloween games for kids will make your party super successful. They are easy to set up, perfect for larger groups of players and provide tons of laughter. Which is what you need!

But first, we need a cool invitation. Lately, I have been using Smilebox to create all of my party invitations, short family movies, vacation slides and will be making a Christmas video card pretty soon. Check them out for free.




Pour few kernels of corn into a plate and add some flour. The goal of the game is to find and extract the corn kernels out of flour plate as fast as you can. First one to do it wins the race. We found that the easiest (and least messiest) way is to simply do it with your tongue.


First, make some ghosts (we used paper towel and rope, kids drew ghost faces on top).

Rules of the game. All players sit in circle. Each player picks their ghost and holds it onto the rope. One player doesn’t get a ghost, but instead he gets to be a “ghost catcher”. “The Ghost Catcher” tries to scary the ghosts by turning the cup above them and then suddenly lands on one of the ghosts. If the ghost manages to escape, he gets to stay in the game. The ghost who gets caught is out of the game.

It’s a fast and super fun game.


It’s a fun teamwork game. It’s perfect for bigger crowds. The goal of the game is to pass the hole of a spider web WITHOUT touching it. Team members can help each other by holding feet, hands, clothes or even entire body.


This Halloween game was one of the most fun ones for my kids.  It does need a bit of preparation, but it’s totally worth it. 

You will need to get ready some food. The good (treats) and the bad (tricks). Cut a small hole (so the kid’s hand can fit through) in a shoe box and place each food in a bowl one by one. The children take turns and try to guess by touching the food whether it’s a treat or a trick. If they guess it wrong they have to eat it.

Here are some of the food items we used. Treats: chocolate bar, melted cheese, caramel candy, sugar.Tricks: vegetable stock in a water bottle, olives in olive oil, chickpeas, edible play-dough, salt. Be creative while picking the food items!


We made some spiders out of pipe cleaners. It was a nice craft and activity on its own. Then, we marked the start, finish lines on the floor with the tape and kids had to race their spiders by blowing them. It’s harder then it looked.


Whether you are planning a neighborhood Halloween party, a school class party for students, Halloween play-date or simply looking for a fun way to spend Halloween with your kids at home these 5 simple Halloween games for kids would be a perfect entertainment for everyone.