Mini Letters For Your Valentines

There is something about small miniature things that always attract your eye (and a heart).   Especially when it’s a mini love letter.

My daughter has been obsessed with all things small, so I thought of surprising her with a mini letter of love.

Would you like one?

mini letters

How to make mini letters


  1. Print the Mini Letter printable (fill up the form with your email and I will instantly send you a template for it). I used regular printing paper. It’s easier to fold it.
  2. Cut out the envelope and letter shapes. Glue on the envelope ends.
  3. Write the letter, address the envelope and you are all done.


With Valentine’s Day approaching these mini letters would be great for classroom Valentines.

I am planning on making a bunch of these and secretly putting them in the pockets of my loved ones and friends throughout the month of February.   minni love letters