Revolutionary Morning Routine Hack For Kids

Are mornings hectic in your house? Kids having trouble to be motivated and get ready? Do you find yourself pushing your patience limits 10 minutes after your children woke up?

I have had mornings like that. Quite few lately. So something needed to change. Especially since school is coming up.

school morning routine

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The truth is that we were “no routine kinda family” before. Especially when it came to mornings. We live pretty simple lives, where morning rush isn’t common in our house, but since our daughter is starting school, we had to implement a morning routine.

Happy Mama for Happy Kids

Since I’ve had a make over over my mornings (which by the way literally changed my life), I decided to create some kind of structured routine for my kids too. It made such a significant change on my life, so I figured it would help them too.

I wanted to come up with the morning routine that they would enjoy and it wouldn’t be stressful or something that they would hesitate to do every single morning. After all, mornings are the mirror of the day.

The trick to successful morning routine for kids is pretty simple, yet very effective. At least to our family.

Morning Routine Hack for Kids

Everything is so much better when it’s done with music. Isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter how old the person is. It always makes us happier, more energized, more positive and simply more productive through the day.

morning routine for kids

So, I choose my kids’ favorite songs (see the playlists below) and put them on the playlist on my phone. Put it in the wireless Bluetooth speaker and the house is full of music.

The goal of playing music in the morning is not only to make kids all happy, but also to make them more productive in their morning chores: making bed, brushing teeth, washing up, dressing up and coming down for breakfast.

When I first introduced this new “morning thing” to my kids I told them 1 rule: they had to finish one of their chores during 1 song. Every song meant 1 chore. Pretty easy.

It really helped them to keep on track and stay focused on what they had to do. If they finished what they had to do before the music was off, they got to do whatever they wanted which meant getting her doll changed with the new outfit for the day for my 6 year old and checking on his animal ‘farm’ for my little one.

There are few tips to be successful with this morning hack:

  1. Start by picking a slower, more quiet song. Waking up should be calm process, not sudden jump out of the bed.
  2. Pick positive and motivational songs.
  3. Teach by example. Get in the music yourself and show how it’s done: sing while you make the bed and dance a little while brushing the teeth.

morning routine kids

It eliminates yelling, constant reminding, asking, nagging…

Want to know what do we listen to in the mornings? 

Like I said, the list of songs changes pretty often, especially for my almost 7 year old.

Recently we started using Amazon Prime Music. Here are the playlists we have been listening to lately. (press on the links and you can select and listen to the songs). You can play Amazon Prime Music on almost all of your devices.

KIDZ BOP KIDS – for older kids

FOR THE KIDS – for younger ones

Browse around and find favorite songs for your kids. Since there are 2 kids in the family we try to rotate the playlists to fit both kids’ needs.

Our mornings have become so much more joyful since we started this morning routine. Everybody is singing, dancing and being simply really happy. It’s amazing what some simple tunes can do to your day.

More about routines 

My blogging friends Laurie and Rachel wrote a book about how to make life easier with kids when using routines. Newborn to 5 years old. Single or multiple kids at different ages. Seriously, this book can save your sanity and make everybody much happier in the house.

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Why don’t you try and let me know how did it go? Or share one of your morning routine tricks with me and other readers. We would LOVE to know.

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