No-sew T shirt Headbands With Butterflies

Sofia wanted a sister mainly so she can wear matching outfits and accessories with her. I can’t blame her. It’s just too cute!

No sew t shirt headbands are my favorite, because you can re-use those old t-shirts and make them anyway you want. Did you see what we did last time? 

So when baby Rubina turned one month last week we decided it was time for a headband. A matching headband.


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Make your own t shirt headband 

You will need: 

  1. Lie down a t shirt and cut it into stripes. Don’t worry too much if the cut isn’t even.
  2. Stretch the stripes as much as you can. This will make them into cute round stripes.  We found that the toddler shirt was perfect for both: the baby and my 7 year old. It’s all about how much you stretch the shirt stripe.
  3. Cut out some cute butterflies from felt fabric sheets.
  4. Simply glue the butterflies onto the t shirt headbands. We glued it on the spot where the shirt stitches were to cover them.
  5. Be creative and use your imagination to create different variations of the headbands. Use different colors or maybe even add some beads.

baby tshirt headbands

Sofia helped me cut the butterflies and she was really into matching up the colors and the butterflies.

no sew t shirt headbands

It’s a great project to do with your daughter, especially if there is a new baby in the house. It was a great bonding experience for all 3 of us.

diy headbands girls

Get some old t shirts, some accesories and make no-sew t shirt headband with butterflies together with your daughter.