21 Pancake Recipes You Will Want To Make Right Now

Pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes for dinner? Pancakes anytime. Scroll down through these pancake recipes to pick your favorite. I am sure you will find a few.


Pancake recipes 

Deep dish pancake.  If you love thick stacks of pancakes, you’re going to love this deepdish skillet pancake. It’s soft, fluffy, and light, with the texture of pancakes. 

Coconut pancakes with pomegranate jewels – “I’m loving the exotic flavours in this pancake recipe, with creamy coconut and fresh fruit ”

Red Velvet pancakes. This really would be the perfect thing to wake up to on Christmas morning! pnkt_9307

Crêpe cake with lots of jam and creme is going to be server on my next birthday.

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Nutella stuffed pancakes. This is not just two pancakes sandwiched with Nutella. This is a pancake STUFFED with Nutella. Find out how!! (It’s super duper easy!)

German Oven Pancakes. The pancake cooks up so gorgeous – with big, puffy golden brown edges and buttery crispiness across the top

Strawberry shortcake pancakes. Beautiful and fluffy, cake-like wholemeal (whole wheat) greek yogurt pancakes recreated and made into the classic Strawberry Shortcake for a morning indulgence with half the guilt!
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 Healthy Smoothie pancake. Turn a healthy smoothie into even healthier pancakes!

Guiltless chocolate chip pancakes are super easy to make, and lightened up with a few delicious tweaks.

Whole grain banana pancakes. Start your morning with a stack of 100% whole-grain, no sugar-added banana pancakes made with real ingredients.

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Ricotta pancakes are something that I would love to try this year. They sound like a perfect treat!

Coconut flour pancakes with wild berry sauce. Not sure what sounds better, the coconut flour in the pancakes or the wild berry sauce. Using both in a combination sounds so good!

Swedish pancakes 

pancake recipes

Doughnut pancakes. Perfect for birthday morning breakfast for someone really special.

Danish pancakes are more than just regular pancakes.

Peanut butter oatmeal pancakes. Do you like peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? Good. Then you need to make these pancakes. They taste just like a peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. (

Oatmeal pancakes if you feel guilty, yet still want yummy pancakes. You won’t sacrifice in taste, I promise.


Baked pancake muffins.

Pancake roll ups can be a quick after school snack for your kids.

Hot cocoa pancakes topped with marshmallows for special mornings.

Cinnamon roll pancakes. Now. This. Is. My. Dream. Come. True.  Lemon-Blueberry-Pancakes

Lemon blueberry pancakes because lemon and blueberry are like a match made in fruit combo heaven.

Now you count till three, put an apron on and run to the kitchen to make some pancakes using these pancake recipes.