9 Creative Playdough Activities With Pasta

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Playdough and pasta is like popcorn and raisins (meaning, they go together well) in our house. Playdough activities with pasta are super beneficial for kids. I LOVE it because:

  1. It’s so easy to set it up.
  2. The variety of shapes that pasta have allows children to create very different characters and surroundings.
  3. Handling playdough is a a good sensor activity for children, handling pasta is fantastic motor skills practice for those little fingers.

So don’t delay, get your playdough and pasta out and get to work. But first, check out these super awesome and very creative ways how to incorporate pasta with playdough.

 9 Playdough activities with pasta

1. Make playdough face with pasta. I think it could turn into a super fun activity where a child could make portraits of family members and friends. I can see a lot of laughter involved.

Sun Hats And Wellie Boots

playdough activities with pasta


2. Simple Playdough creations allow children to relax and really use those motor skills by stacking penne pasta on the long spaghetti ones. My 2 year old son didn’t leave the table until all the pasta was stacked up.


playdough creations


3.Playdough Pasta creations using cookie cutters. Kids can make little cakes and even teddy  bears. Adding some pasta to it will make super cute decorations.

Artful Parent.

playdough activities creations


4.Invitation to play: Pasta and playdough. You will be surprised how much can kids create and have fun with by just preparing a tray and invite to play.

Dirt and Boogers

playdough activities setup


5. “Molding and manipulating play dough and pasta together is a great play opportunity for kids to experiment with the materials in an unstructured activity.”

Learning 4 Kids.

playdough activities face


6. You have to try these Edible playdough noddles. Be careful, I heard this activity (and the noodles) are addictive.

Kids Activities Blog.

edible playdough


7. Playdough pasta matching game . This playdough activity would be great for a toddler, but I am sure your preschooler would love this too. Stamping and later matching the shapes. So much fun and very educational!

Kids Activities Blog

playdough activities pasta matching game


8. Small world play on the dinosaur land is a great Playdough activity that encourages imagination. The possibilities are endless for this play set up.

The Imagination Tree.

playdough activities with animals



9.  Fairy playdough activity. If you have a little one who is fond of The fairy and the frog theme, than I’m sure she/he will be playing with this set up for hours.

The Fairy And The Frog

fairy playdough activity



Update: We just did an experiment on coloring homemade play dough with vegetable juice and it was total success. It’s super easy too.

playdough homemade


I truly hope these ideas inspired you. If you need more, I have some good news for you.

There is a book that I absolutely love. It’s The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and it’s written by a fellow blogger Cathy James. It’s truly a must have if your kids love playdough (or if you would like to do some more playdough activities). It has super easy homemade playdough recipes (fail proof) and tones of playdough play ideas. Really inspiring and useful stuff.

play dough recipe book

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