How I Surprised My Kids For Free

I have started a challenge.

A challenge to make my kids’ jaws open for 7 days without spending any money. That’s right! I am surprising my kids for a week without spending a dime!

Would you like to join? It’s FREE!

surprise kids for freee

What to expect

I will send you one video a day. You will get exclusive videos where me and my husband surprise our kids, so you can do too. 

           Day 1. Mailbox surprise

           Day 2. Best shower ever surprise

           Day 3. Happyday To You surprise

           Day 4. Story time surprise

           Day 5. Get downstairs surprise

           Day 6. Magical bedtime surprise

            Day 7. Game surprise

 Day 1. Mailbox Surprise

The first surprise challenge is here. 

I included this one as a first surprise because it’s my favorite. For many reasons. Mainly, because the reaction my kids had after the surprise made me cry. They were so touched by it.


  1. If your child isn’t reading yet, DRAW something for them. My husband drew our son’s favorite cartoon character and he was over the moon. He actually carried that piece of paper everywhere and slept with it for 2 days. That sweet boy!
  2.  Use the momentum and create a new family tradition. This surprise has extended into everyday habit for our family. Few weeks later and we are still using the mailbox daily. Kids run and check the mailbox first thing in the morning.
  3.  Put more than letters: So far I have put a beautiful shell that I found on the beach, a piece of amber my mom gave me years ago along with the short story about the amber and where it came from. My husband has cut out a funny cartoon from the magazine for our son.

All it took was 1 empty serial box and a simple hand written letter. The results were AMAZING! 

If you want the rest of the surprise challenge ideas/videos, make sure to sign up:

The reason we are doing this challenge with you is because we are passionate about making childhood more memorable for the kids. We would be over the moon if you would share this surprise challenge with anyone you know that would appreciate it.