Homemade Gift Bag Treat Ideas

Holidays are here and I am sure you are still thinking about few people that you didn’t get anything. “The extra polite mailman”, “the always friendly neighbor”, “the co-worker that you know will probably have something for you” and “that sweet sweet librarian, who always gives a treat to your kids. 

They all deserve a warm holiday gesture from you, don’t they?

dress up treat bags

A small treat like homemade cookies, handpicked herbs for tea, some nuts and dried fruit or some Holiday candy can show your appreciation and put a smile on somebody’s face.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is some bags, some treats and some crafting mood.

Holiday inspired treat bag topper

1. Gather things you need (cardboard, scissors, utility knife, stapler and some markers or paint).

2. Measure and cut desired size of cardboard.

3. Fold the cardboard in half. Cut out “handle” for the bag with utility knife.

4. Let the kids decorate the bag topper/handle.

5. Fill the goodie bag with treats and place the topper on the bag. Use stapler to secure it.


gift bag idea

Your treat bag just got lifted to a whole new level! Warm and personal, because YOU made it. Even if those cookies aren’t homemade or you just threw in some store-bought candy.

I have a shortcut

If crafting is the last thing you need, I have a shortcut for you. Use these gorgeous free printable templates (there are 3 to choose from) to make your treat bag toppers instantly. heft printable

I love when a craft with kids turns into a practical gift for someone. Especially when I find crafting ‘materials’ in my kitchen drawer, like this snowman from plates or super easy homemade ornaments.

sofia with treat bag

Extra Holiday Tips

decoration packing

treat bag idea


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