Vase Craft For Kids

I have never bought a vase, because turning glass milk jars, mini baby food containers and sparkling water bottles into vases is way more cooler and cute. Today a simple vase craft for kids fills my house with bunch of beautiful and colorful vases. I can smell the spring!

vase craft for kids

Vase Craft For Kids

You will need: 

  • Glass bottles: from milk, baby food, juice, jam, peanut butter, sparkling water, soda, etc.  Whatever you have at home.
  • Painters tape (or stickers)
  • Acrylic paint and brush.
  1. Wash the glass bottles really well and let them dry.
  2. Cover with tape where you don’t want the paint. Go wild here: make stripes, dots, maybe even words or other fancy designs.
  3. Paint.
  4. Let it dry for few hours.
  5. Carefully peel the tape.

Fill vases with water and put some flowers.


TIP! For more professional look use spray paint. But since this craft is for kids I wasn’t comfortable letting my daughter use spray paint just yet.


This vase craft for kids is perfect spring craft or a Mother’s Day Gift that is really really practical.

vase craft for kids 2

Here is a short video of Vase Craft For kids if you want to see it in action.