Ultimate Water Balloon Games. PART 1

This summer kids played with water balloons every.single.day. so far. Me and my husband joined them on several occasions, because it was that fun. Plus, it’s a hot summer this year. So of course, as always we are sharing our most favorite water balloon games with you. These games are perfect for family or bigger groups of people. They could be played at birthday parties, family reunions or camps.



It was one of the most fun water balloon games for our family. So much laughter, so much screaming and so many popped water balloons on the heads.

You will need: plastic basket with holes and of course water balloons.

Instructions: Divide into teams and race who will hit most water balloons into a basket without popping it. Each team gets 10 water balloons.


This water balloon game is perfect for a bigger group, but also can be played with at least 4 players.

You will need: dish soap and some water balloons.

Instructions: Gather all the players in a circle and soap up the hands with the dish soap. This will make their hands more slippery which adds extra challenge to the game. The goal of the game is to catch and throw the water balloon without dropping it. Remember, the hands will be slippery. The last one with the balloon in hands wins the game.


This water balloon game is super fun, but it’s not as easy as it looks. It took us some practice to finally be able to throw and catch the water balloons with towels. This game would be perfect for older kids.

You will need: 2 towels and some water balloons.

Instructions: Divide into teams (2 players per team). Instruct both players from each team to hold the towel tight at the ends. The goal of this towels toss water balloon game is to throw and catch the water balloon WITH the towel. The beginning might seem difficult, keep on practicing.


It’s like musical chairs, but it’s wet. Way more fun!

You will need: Chairs, tape and some water balloons. Also, a device that plays music. We used a phone.

Instructions: Line up chairs (count your players and place water balloons on several chairs). Play the game just like musical chairs. The difference now is that whoever sits on the chair they most likely will pop the water balloon.


It’s the most hilarious water balloon game ever.

You will need: water balloons or regular balloons filled with water.

Instructions: The goal of the game is to pop a balloon filled with water with your backs. Whichever couple does this fastest wins the game. Me and my husband used a regular balloon filled with water to add extra challenge to the game since they are more difficult to pop, while the kids had regular water balloons.

And there is the video of us playing these water balloon games. 

This is not all. Make sure to watch PART 2 of the video. There are 5 more super fun water balloon games.

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