Beach Games For Kids

Summer is almost here and that means going to the beach. If your kids are like mine – they would always stay in the water. Even if it’s freezing cold. So it has been challenging for us in the past to keep them off the water.

beach games for kids

But this year we have a plan. We came up with super fun beach games that are active, playful, easy to set up and just simply fun.

Take a look at the video first.

Beach Games For Kids

1. Beach volleyball. Kids love playing volleyball, but many times it’s impossible because they are too small for the net. So we build our own. You only need couple of taller sticks (walk around your beach area and you might get lucky and find some) and a beach towel. Then you simply tie the towel corners to the sticks (we used rope that we had in the car) and spread the sticks apart. You got yourself a voelleyball net. Now start playing.

sand volleyball

2. Beach trash target shooting. Got a plasitc bottle or a cup? Hang it on the stick and let the kids hit it with the rocks. Whoever hits first – wins the game. Repeat as many times as you want. Make sure to play this game when the beach is pretty empty, because you don’t want to hit anybody.

3. Beach crawling race. Draw the start and finish lines and let the kids crawl down the sand to the finish. Involve an adult and you will see a lot of laughter and silly crawling. I talk from experience.


4. Filling up buckets race. Divide in teams. One team member has to hold bucket on their head while the other member runs to the sea, brings water with the cup and tries to fill up the bucket as fast as he can racing with the other team.

This was a super fun game that cooled me off pretty good.

5. Rock skipping. Who said it can’t be done on the beach. We did it and we rocked it. The key is to find good rocks and position them right between your fingers before you skip them.

6. Drawing at the beach with rocks. Simply trace anything you want to draw on the sand with a stick and then fill up with rocks or other sea nature findings.

7. Rock throwing in the cup. Position a cup further in the sand and let the kids throw rocks in that cup. Trust me, it was a challenging game.

8. Don’t spill water race! Fill up cups with water and let the kids put them on their heads and race. Ideally this would be better if they wouldn’t hold the cups with their hands, but if the kids are small, they can hold the cups. Beach is a perfect place to play this game because of a lot of spill ups.

domt spill water

9. Cover your sibling (or a friend) in sand. It’s a classic beach game, but one of my favorite ones. It’s always fun!

10. Tic Tac Toe. It’s a must for my daughter since she loves this game so much. Have you seen our DIY nature  tic tac toe set?

best beach games

I hope you get to play some of these beach games when you go on vacation. If you got any good ones, please let us know in the comments below. We are always looking for new good beach games for kids.