The Donut Game

The number of hours spend in the house has increased by 300%. And I am not exaggerating.

The winter is here and the weather is getting worse and worse for kids to go and play outside. donut-game-2

That means 2 things.

  1. They are asking for screen time a lot more often.
  2. They are be bored a lot more times than usual.

I actually like Nr 2., because I think genius play ideas are being born during this period of time.

Talking about genius ideas…

We have one for you today. It’s a perfect ON-THE-GO activity.

It’s perfect I’M-BORED-WHAT-SHOULD-I-DO activity…

It’s even good for I-DONT-HAVE-ANY-TOYS-TO-PLAY-WITH times…


First, you need a donut. No, not the coffee shop one, the fake one. We made one from thick cardboard, but you can use pretty much any round object with a hole that could hold 15-20 pencils.  My daughter used the pencils to color the donut and make it pretty.


They are pretty simple.

  1. Gather all pencils and put them through the hole and make the pencils stand. You might have to try this a few times to get it right.
  2. Instruct each player to pull out 1 pencil at a time. The goal is to NOT to collapse the donut structure. The pencils will shift obviously every time you pull one. When the donut touches the ground, the game is over. Whoever has the most pencils at the end of the game is the WINNER.


You can let kids play this at the restaurant (use crayons they give you), while waiting at the doctors office or simply let them play at home when you hear: “can I get an iPad?”

Also, this donut game could be a good ice breaker after or a way to bond with your child.

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