How To Make Ordinary Day Extraordinary. 30 Incredibly Fun Ideas.

Sometimes you just need to redirect. Big time. Whether the mood in the house isn’t as good as you’d wish, or there is just too much things going on in life that stresses you out and of course it reflects on children immediately. As soon as we feel the negative cloud hitting our house we try to avoid it by have a fun day. The simple little silly things we do totally make a regular ordinary day into extraordinary. We don’t do all the things on the list of course in one day. We just pick up to 3-5 things and have fun with it until until the next rainy cloud comes along.

extraordinary day

Extraordinary activities for kids


Have a family game night. These are our favorite family game night games.

Make an ultimate indoor slide. This is how we made it. Your kids will think it’s the best day ever!

Change roles. It’s a fun silly activity for a short time or entire day where you get to be the child and the child gets to be you. Start by exchanging (and wearing) each other’s clothes, responsibilties and the attitudes. It depends on how far you want to go with this activity.

Build bed forts. My kids were actually excited to go to bed that night.

Have a silly fun family pizza challenge.

Play with water balloons. Check out our favorite water balloon games.

Have a laugh attack while you are reading these jokes. 

Serve dessert for dinner. Imagine the reactions on your kids’ faces!

Make a huge living fort.

Build Cardboard tunnel. It does take time, but the efforts will pay off instantly.


Announce a Yes day. It’s very important to lay out the rules first. Explain to the kids that you can’t actually say YES to everything, especially the impossible things. But on the YES day we always try to say YES as often as possible.

Celebrate Happy Day

Make funny-face sticky notes and put them in surprising spots, like on their pillow, in their drawers, on their plates, in their notebooks, etc

Have dancing with the stars competition where the kids are the stars!

Let the kids stay up late.

Go big on story time. How would your kids like if you would show up looking like their favorite book character?

Have a backyard picnic with favorite treats.

Write them a secret letter and leave it in the mailbox (or make one yourself). We made one months ago and it’s still very popular in the house.

Have a silly family shoot. Here are great printables.


Have a pillow sumo wrestling as a family.

Have a newspaper/magazine scavenger hunt. We did and it was a fun Sunday afternoon activity for the entire family.

Walk on eggs. Here is how you can do that without breaking them


Have a disco party in a humongous bubble. See how to make one here. 


Give at least 100 kisses a day.

Make human size bubbles. It’s pretty easy. You only need 2 ingredients. Here is the recipe.

Play hide and seek for as long as they want. The record for us was 2 hours.

extraordinary day 3

That’s all it takes. Little effort. No money. No need to leave the house. Pick few things (or one) from the list and make your day extraordinary.