Simple Art Activity for kids that turns out to be brilliant

So we are up for some art today.


I came across some pictures of this artist’s work and I was really fascinated because it was so simple, genius and looked like my 5 year old would love to try it.

His name is Javier Pérez and you can find him on Instagram where all the amazing art drawings are posted.

We looked at his art and talked about how simple, yet beautiful it looks. Our favorite drawing was the child holding the balloons (which are actual grapes).

art of javier perez

To prepare for this art activity

1. I picked random things around the house without too much thought on it: keys, CD, pen, spaghetti, legos, cloth and paper pins, orange peel.

2. Before we began we looked at some of the artist’s pictures and took a note that all of the items are just a part of the image. The random item serves as “a helper” or one part of the body to be drawn. art activity

3. Get some white paper, pen and let the fun begin.

art activity

Enjoy the process of this simple art

1. Try to stay away from giving ideas of what the drawing should be after you put the random item on the paper. Let the child use its pure and brilliant imagination, and, believe me, you wont’ be sorry. (I thought I had a good idea for a Lego item, but thank goodness I kept quiet because Sofia came with an even better idea.)

2. If the child is having hard time deciding what to draw with a particular item, engage into conversations about the item’s shape and where do we see this shape. Talk more about the item itself and how is it used. Eventually, the child will come up with an idea that will blow your mind.


Why is this art activity so brilliant and so beneficial for your child

1. We had a chance to talk about the shapes of those random items. We compared them and tried to relate to real objects.

2. The imagination is being used over the roof during this art activity. It’s amazing how children can have such adoptive minds.

art activity

3. Sofia was amazed about how such a simple item like an orange peel can help her art so much. She start seeing the possibilities of art in a totally different level, I think. We agreed that anything could be art and it doesn’t have to be expensive art supplies.

4. I think this art activity is perfect for beginner drawers. The items help them stay in the proportions of the future drawing  and keeps on track with an idea. That’s why, to my opinion, Sofia’s drawings came out so good. art activity

Sofia loved it this activity. Now, let me tell you, that I enjoyed it too just by watching my daughter come up with amazing things. As I put the random item on the paper I loved looking at her reaction and her brainstorming for the ideas.

art activity

The result was amazing. I knew Sofia would love this, but I didn’t imagine she would be so good at it and that she will have so much fun. I think this drawing activity will be one of our favorite for some time.

art  activity

It was such a great imagination game and or course an awesome art activity. I strongly recommend you try it with your kids. It’s simple, free, educational and super fun!

Enjoy you arts!

Birute Efe

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