The secret to raising a grateful child

You have probably seen at least a dozen of articles about raising grateful child, teaching him to be appreciative and overall a good human being.

You spend years telling your kids to say thank you for the presents they receive, you never stop reminding them about being thankful and appreciative for what they have.

raising grateful child

However, the best way to teach kids anything I believe is through good example. Being grateful even for the things that normally are not seen is such a powerful skill to show to your kids.

The experiment

Today I decided to write down few things that I usually thank particularly my daughter for. I discovered something so amazing at the end of the list.

Besides thanking my child for cleaning her room, being nice to her sibling, passing the salt during dinner – there are things I also thank her for.

Here is what I wrote down.

1. Thank you for giving me a kiss first thing in the morning. Even before you open your both eyes (you do have a talent to have just one eye open).

2. Thank you for laughing with me during breakfast when I dropped the pancake on the floor (and then still ate it).

3. Thank you for holding my hand when I was dropping you off at a dance practice (you were rushing to meet all of your friends, waiting for you in front of the school).


4. Thank you for forgiving me when I lost my patience and wasn’t nice to you the other night. I am really sorry about that.

5. Thank you for understanding that your little brother needs a lot of mommy time now. You know we will catch up, right?

6. Thank you for giving me a hug and saying  “everything will be ok, Mommy” when I get frustrated.

7. Thank you for asking me about my childhood. I love sharing those memories with you.

8. Thank you for thinking I am the “best mommy in the world” (even though I don’t think I am).

9. Thank you for saying that you will never ever leave our house. (It’s flattering, but I really really doubt that).

10. Thank you for loving your little brother. Even if he pulls your hair and pushes you when you try to sit on my lap.

11. Thank you for never going to sleep until I kiss your eyes, nose, lips and both cheeks.

12. Thank you for making a silly poop joke when I was sad (I didn’t like the joke, but I really did appreciate the effort).

13. Thank you for running straight to me when you fall.

14. Thank you for letting me read stories to you every night. Believe me, I enjoy them as much as you do.

15. Thank you for telling me that my freckles are beautiful (I know you don’t like them).

teaching to be grateful

16. Thank you for being my little girlfriend when we go to the bookstore for some tea.

17. Thank you for inviting me to play with you. Me and your dad have the best time EVER playing these family games. 

18. Thank you for not asking to buy you things when I simply don’t have money.

19. Thank you for squeezing yourself between me and your dad when we try to kiss.

20. Thank you for pushing our family further and creating super cool family traditions.

21. Thank you for wanting to be like me. That’s the best compliment I have ever got.

22. Thank you for falling in love with the doll I made you.

23. Thank you for asking your dad to call me when I am not with you and check if I am not bored (you know me so well, honey).

24. Thank you for coming and kissing me in the middle of play with your friends at the park (it’s the best feeling ever!)

25. Thank you for making me a better person while I try to be a good example for you.

You guys… I started writing this list and I couldn’t stop. My goal was to name 10 things I am thankful to my daughter for and here I am at 25 (!), yet I still have plenty more. But I will stop, not to overwhelm myself and you.

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I challenge you to write down (it’s important to have them written) at least 10 things you are thankful your children for.

Then share these thank you notes with your kids and practice to see and appreciate invisible things that are so important in our lives.

I would LOVE to see some of your thank you notes too. Share them with me under this Instagram post.

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