20 Family Game Night Ideas

Saturday night. House smells like a pizza restaurant and you can hear more voices than usual in the living room.  The excitement is going on all day and the preparation has been handled by the kids.

This is one of those times where you don’t have to call kids numerous times. They call you.

Without a doubt one of the favorite family traditions is family game night.

Most of these games are Minute To Win it games, but we don’t take it very seriously the part who wins or looses. It’s all about the fun!

 Family Game Night. 20 Minute To Win It Games



Find 12 games just perfect for your New Year’s Eve party with the family and friends.



1. The most popular game of 2016

By now, you have probably seen those viral videos on the internet of people wearing a mouth re-tractor and trying to say words so others can try to guess what they are saying. It’s like having a lot of marbles in your mouth and trying to talk at the same time.

You can get the printable phrase cards here. You can get instant access + hilarious video of us playing the game.



2. SHOUT IT!  NEW! (our latest obsession) 

THIS IS IT! A perfect family game that will have everybody play all night long.

It’s Fast, Fun, Easy to Play and even educational.

SHOUT IT! has 4 levels and 2 ways to play so everybody can have fun. Perfect for kids and grownups, 2-10+ players.

There are 128 cards and you can print them double sided;

Get them here! shouting-game-a


Super simple, yet pretty genius game where not so perfect drawing comes in handy. It’s like a broken telephone game, only this time is in drawing. Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. It’s miscommunication at its best!

Perfect for terrible artists! It’s our go-to game when we have 6 players.

Get the printable files and instructions here pass-it-on-square

Watch Our latest Family Christmas Games Videos (updated 10/12/2016)

Read full instructions for the games here.



4. Knock It Out. 

You will need: orange (or tennis ball or an apple) and nylons. Put the orange in the nylons and put it on your head.

Challenge: try to knock over water bottles placed on the floor. Silly, but fun! So fun!

Who wins? Whoever knocks off most bottles in 1 minute – WINS!

5. Defying Gravity. 

You will need: balloons.

Challenge: Bounce 2-3 balloons (depending on the age and abilities) at the same time with your hands without them falling on the floor.

Who wins? Time it and see who can bounce balloons the longest.

6. Giant Feet. 

It’s one of our favorite games that we played during our family reunion.   family gamesa

7. Chocolate Face 

You will need: chocolate bar. (you can also use candy or cookie).

Challenge: Place it on the upper cheek and using your facial muscles get that piece of chocolate in your mouth. And eat it! Don’t use hands.

Who wins? Whoever eats the chocolate fastest – wins the game!

Warning! The ones with a very sweet tooth are known to cheat. Watch them!

8. Doodling with noodles.

You will need: Spaghetti and penne (or rigatoni) pasta

Challenge: Get the penne noodles on the spaghetti. Without your hands. Only using your mouth.

Who wins? Whoever fills up spaghetti noodle with the penne noddles wins the game! 


Here is a short video of our family game night.

9. Head Bouncing With a balloon.

It sounds easy, but IT’S NOT.

You will need: A balloon

Challenge: Bounce balloon using your head without it falling on the ground.

Who wins: Time it to find out who will bounce longest before it touches the ground.

family games 1

10. Tear It Up.

You will need: at least 2 toilet paper rolls, long stick, chairs, rubber bands, 2 empty plastic water bottles with lids.

Put toilet paper rolls on the stick and hang the ends on the chairs (or let family members hold it). Get empty water bottle, open the top, put a sheet of toilet paper roll and put the top back on. Let the bottle hang.

Challenge. Using rubber bands and and paper “bombs” shoot the toilet paper until it rips and falls together with the bottle. Check out our rubber band slingshot station we made the other day.

Who wins: Time it and see who is the fastest in ripping the toilet paper.

family games tear it up - Copy

11. Tell a joke

You will need: spoon and small ball.

Challenge: Tell a joke while holding a spoon in your mouth with the ball in it.

It wasn’t that hard to tell the joke while holding the spoon in your mouth. The hardest thing was to not to laugh after the joke together with everybody else.

family games tell a joke


12. Yank me game 

Find the rules and short video here.

yank me game fb

13. Junk In The Trunk 

Perfect for a lot of fun moments on family game night! Find out how to play it at happinessishomemade.


14. Build A Tower 

Use fruit or veggies to build towers. Whoever builds highest structure in 1 minute WINS the game.

minute to win it family games

15. Suck It Up 

You will need thick straws (thin ones work too), small sheets of paper.

Using straw players will need to suck the paper sheets and transfer them from one pile to another. Whoever does this first WINS the game.

minute to win it games suck it up

16. Warm Diving 

Find instructions of this family game over at anthologydestination


17. Dizzy Mummy

Instructions: tonyastreatsforteachers


18. Speed Eraser 

Fun game for family. Find instructions and video at thepenningtonpoint. games05

19. Stack It Up

You will need craft sticks, some mega blocks (or legos).

Put craft stick in your mouth and start stacking blocks one by one.

family games stack it up

20. Buy Pie Face Game Machine or Make your own 

Just put some delicious whipped cream from home or the wet sponge on the “hand” of this hilarious game unit and start turning the handles. It could go off at any time, so keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat in the face! You score a point for every time you turn the handle without getting pie-faced, and the one who scores 25 points wins. Take some risks and hope for the best in this hilarious Pie Face game!


 21. 5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!

It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs—but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and with the other players staring at you, waiting for you to get flustered? Time’s not on your side, so just say what comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out as time twirls down on the unique twisted timer! It’s all in good fun with this fast-paced game where you have to Just Spit it Out!

Get it here.



22. Bounce-off 

The ultimate head-to-head competition game for young adults and families remains the same! Flip over a challenge card to determine the pattern you must attempt, then race to recreate it by bouncing balls into the grid. Two ways to play mean everyone can bounce together or play by relay; or combine the six trays for one big board and classic Bounce-Off play. Also includes options for fewer players.

Get it here 



23. Sportcraft Minute To Win It Ultimate Party Bucket

Get it here 

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Late Saturday night. Pizza boxes are piled up by the door, waiting to go to recycling bin outside. There are some toilet paper rips on the floor, a plate with jelly warm and pretzels is still on the floor and the most active family game night players are dangerously tired, but happy to go to bed. They will talk about this family game night all week long. Until the next Saturday.