How To Dye Easter Eggs With Kids

Dyeing Easter eggs with kids (or even by yourself) can a be a challenging task. There are so many how to dye Easter eggs tutorials, different dyes and complicated kits that are overwhelming.

We love everything simple, here at PLAYTIVITIES, so I searched and found the coolest ways to dye Easter eggs. Almost all of them are kid friendly and are really fun.

dying easter eggs

Don’t throw away your slightly cracked eggs. Not yet! Look at what you can make out of them – kimberlycun

Chalkboard eggs! Because it’s so much easier this way. Kids will love decorating these! Find more details at oleanderandpalm

Not interested in dyeing eggs with your kids? Here is a genius solution for it, especially if you have some Lego fans in the house. Find free printable at itsalwaysautumn

Eggs dyed naturally CAN be beautiful! That’s how I grow up dyeing our eggs with my mother bigsislilsis

How To Dye Easter Eggs with Kids

egg decorating for kids

Easter egg sculptures is another great way to use those decorated eggs for a Easter home design. via mrprintables

Dye eggs with rubber-bands? momtastic

Washi tape eggs via lovelyindeed

EGG PEOPLE Making characters with decorated eggs can be a fun Easter table decoration and a game for kids. via mrprintables 

How To Dye Easter Eggs without touching

eggs decorating

Use whisks! This was AHA! moment for me. You can find more tips on dyeing eggs with kids at innerchildfun

Easy tricks how to blow out eggs and how kids can color them without touching (and crushing). Find it at tinkerlab

How to dye Easter eggs with COOL AID and …. ties

how to dye eggs

Dip them in Cool Aid. Further instructions at totallythebomb

TIE-DYED! YES! You CAN dye the most beautiful eggs with an old tie! Find all the details at ourbestbites

How To Dye Easter Eggs with shaving cream

How to dye Easter eggs

You can dye Easter eggs with shaving cream? What? See it here yourself – katiescrochetgoodies

See how your can personalize each egg so there is no confusion whose egg is it. You know what I am talking about if you are a parent… via realsimple

I hope you found your favorite tutorial and learned how to dye Easter eggs so you can show your kids and to it together.

Did I miss your favorite way to dye Easter eggs?

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